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So you may be asking yourself, ‘why the new business name and branding?’

When I first started this business over 11 years ago, I was 34 weeks pregnant with my youngest had two small boys aged 6 and 3 and was studying full-time at university to become a teacher. My husband I had also just finished building our dream home. I’d been at university part time for 7 years by this stage and I was no longer sure if it was the right path for me. For most of my career I was never truely satisfied with what I was doing, was always looking towards the next job, the next promotion when by accident really I started my own business. I saw a job advert for a ‘bookkeeper/secretary – must have own laptop’ and I instantly thought ‘I could do that!’ so I applied. He took one look at my gigantic pregnant belly and asked me if I would like to work from home – to which I said yes.

In the first few months it became really clear to me that I hadn’t been struggling with the work I was doing, I just really hated answering to someone else and for not being recognised for my contributions. I wasn’t a 9 to 5’er and craved flexibility. I also hated answering the phones. Pretty soon the business was growing, I hired an employee part time and in an almost knee jerk reaction, named the business “Tilda Virtual Services” because my daughter Matilda and the business were ‘born’ at the same time. It was never a business name that I was confident with, nor did it appeal to my target market but it was a name and we just kept growing.

In 2010 I registered as a transitional BAS Agent and decided to revisit the whole business name issue. It seemed at the time that all the good names were take so I got impatient and just changed the name to ‘Tilda Virtual’ because even though we no longer provided virtual administrative services, we were virtual bookkeepers working remotely. I worked with a great graphic designer to update the logo and branding and even though I loved it (still do) it still didn’t fit or make marketing the business easy for me to do. It made sense at the time but having gone through branding coaching with Leah from The Golden Goose Consulting – I was going about it all wrong.

Fast forward to August 2016 – I had been following Leah on Instagram for a while – stalking her posts really and she posted a saying that really resonated with me. I can’t remember now what it was but I sent her an email asking to work with her.

Giving up a business name, logo and branding (no matter how unclear it was) was really daunting. I’d spent money developing it, people knew it but it was increasingly more and more clear to me that it no longer worked. That instead of finding Tilda Virtual, they would search for me instead and THEN find the website. The branding now felt like a t-shirt that had shrunk in the wash. Meeting new people or talking to a new client’s accountant, I was starting to get really embarrassed to give my business name out because it didn’t match what we did or indicate the results we would get for our clients. It got to the point where I would ‘forget’ my business cards at networking events. Things clearly needed to change.

Working with Leah has been one of the most eye opening experiences for me. It made me dig deep to understand just what wasn’t working about the existing business name and the moment I decided to scrap it all was quite freeing. I was giddy at the thought of all new branding collateral, new logo and a new name because I now understood why it didn’t fit anymore and why I wanted to change it for so long. Leah called me out on a lot of things and didn’t let me say ‘oh that will do’. She really pushed me to out of my comfort zone and I am so very grateful to her for that.

Telling a prospective client or a new contact that I am a bookkeeper+BAS Agent didn’t make a lot of sense to anyone because it’s not strictly what we do here. We do so much more than that. Yes we do do bookkeeping and can lodge your BAS but we also look at the way you work, what’s working, what’s not working, where does the data need to go and we suggest a suite of add-ons to connect everything together. We ask ourselves ‘what is the most efficient and cost effective way to get the job done’ so that you can concentrate on what you do best.

For us.. for me, I love to see our client’s hit their targets and achieve their goals. I love to help my clients identify opportunities for growth so they too can live they life they are meant to lead.

We magnify the numbers to identify potential opportunities so you can level up your business.

Interested? Give me a call! Let me know what you think of the new branding – I’d love to hear your thoughts.