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Case Studies

And all our clients did was trust us

We understand it’s hard to show a stranger your real bottom end – the financial side of your business. How do you know we can do what we claim? That’s easy – read our success stories here.

Finding a bigger office and an employee

Our client’s business had grown to a point where her office was too small, and she needed to take on a staff member. She didn’t understand how to read her books correctly so she kept putting off levelling up her business week after week. When she contacted our team, we looked through her books and showed her the little bits she missed. She could level up immediately once she saw how her figures really worked. And she could start to take time off due to the new-found flexibility in her business.

From a massive loss to a massive profit – within one month

In tears, this client called us stating she had a $40,000.00 loss for the month. She was devastated and didn’t know what she was going to do. Reassuring her that all will be ok, she handed over her books for us to check over, analyse and see what was going on. We looked at her numbers and showed her how much cash she really had owing to her. The next month, she boasted a massive $70,000.00 profit. She has now tightened up her policies to minimise her overheads, pay bills and follow up on outstanding invoices.

Want to be our next bookkeeping success story?

It doesn’t hurt to have a trained bookkeeper have a squiz at your books. Let us see if your cash flow could be better, if you could be making more money, if you have missed the smallest of accounting errors…