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I don’t have time for numbers

But you love and understand them – you just need a hand

Are you a business owner with a tendency to be a bit of a control freak? You try to keep control of everything in your business and you’re not great at trusting others and outsourcing.

You need:

  • Direct contact with a bookkeeper who is there when you need them
  • A Xero bookkeeper to run an expert eye over your books
  • A Registered BAS Agent to make sure it’s spot on and lodged in time
  • Xero certified partners who can analyse your books, create reports and show you how you’re tracking
  • To know the state of your finances in real-time, from anywhere

How we turned a massive loss into a massive profit

One of our lovely clients loved doing her own books, but found that she was super busy and fell behind. $40,000.00 behind!

When she outsourced to us, magic happened:

  • We analysed her books and realised she was leaking money by not invoicing on time or following up outstanding payments (she didn’t have time to do this)
  • We chased up the payments
  • She recorded a whopping $70,000.00 profit the very next month
  • We worked on processes so she wouldn’t fall into old habits again

When you don’t have time for numbers, we do

If you’ve got a lot on your plate and numbers really aren’t your business passion, we’ll show you how easy it is to outsource your bookkeeping. We MAKE time for your numbers – your numbers are our priority.

Try before you buy


Have questions about outsourcing your bookkeeping?

We know you’re going to have questions about outsourcing so ask us. One thing we’ll tell you right now – you can save yourself up to 5 hours of administration work per week when you outsource your bookkeeping. Interested?