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I hate numbers

‘I hate numbers’

Luckily for you, we have a passion for numbers

Numbers aren’t for everyone. We get that. In fact, the first words we hear from new clients are usually, ‘I hate numbers’. And we LOVE to hear this.

To us, it means we can show you how to learn to love your numbers.

To you, it means business growth.

Outsourcing your Xero bookkeeping will save your sanity

When you hate numbers, you’ll do everything in your power to avoid them. Your bookkeeping tasks become neglected and your BAS…well the ATO’s late lodgement department loves you!

Our number loving nerds will tick the boxes:

  • BAS submitted on time
  • Books kept up to date
  • All receipts recorded
  • Payroll balancing

Discover the bigger picture

You’ll learn to love your numbers once we show you how to understand your XERO bookkeeping. We offer you so much more than simple bookkeeping:

  • Got an awesome idea – let’s explore how to make it a reality
  • Want a bigger office – let’s crunch the numbers
  • Need employees – let’s find the money
  • Want business growth – let’s review your processes
  • Need a family holiday – let’s get your life back

Tell us why you hate numbers

We’d love to hear why you’re hating numbers. And don’t worry – you won’t insult or shock us – we’ve heard it all. Numbers in business can get a very bad reputation when they’re not understood.

Find your number love:

Still not convinced you’ll love numbers?

It can take a while to break the cycle of number hate! So, if we told you that outsourcing your XERO bookkeeping to number loving nerds could save you up to 5 hours of administration work per week – would you be interested?