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Is it time to upgrade to the cloud?

It’s so easy to use and helps your business run smoothly

You’ve probably heard a lot about ‘Digital Disruption’ and ‘Working in the Cloud’. This basically means that you need to embrace the online world.

In the digital world (the cloud):

  • We work from virtual offices and have virtual teams
  • We don’t rely on paper filing cabinets but rather online storage solutions
  • We use many apps and want them to ‘talk’ to each other


Using cloud integration we’ll streamline your business

If you’re serious about updating your business and seeing how you’ll run more efficiently using cloud technology, the team at MagnifyUp will guide you.


Needs Assessment

We’ll look at your existing processes and document storage to see if there’s a better way to do it using the cloud.


App (Add-ons) Report

We’ll determine all the Apps (or add-ons) that you’ll need and compare them (Office 365, Google Apps, XERO, CRMs, website software, payment processor, file management, staffing rosters and scheduling, point of sale software, iPads, scanners, printers, laptops and the like).

A brief of the best fit for your business

You’re not going to want and/or use every single App so we’ll recommend the ones we feel are the best fit for your business. We’ll show you how they’ll meet your needs, the cost of each one for setup, and any ongoing monthly payments you’ll face.


Plan for your implementation

If you choose to get our team to help you integrate to the Cloud after you receive your report, we’ll put into place a project plan for the implementation. This will clearly set out who is doing what and when. You’ll receive training and ongoing support during the implementation period

Be a digitally disruptive business

If you’re not keeping up with the times, you’re not running your business as efficiently as you could be. Cloud integration isn’t something to be feared, but should be embraced. Although it may seem a bit daunting, once you’ve got it all in place, you’ll be able to manage your entire team virtually.

Are you ready to jump into the clouds?

Integration of your business procedures using the cloud makes perfect business sense. And whether you’re a complete newbie with this, or you just want a review to see if you’re using the cloud to your advantage, we’re here for you.