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Kounta: A point of sale software connecting you to the world

It’s quick to get started, easy to use and powerful enough to run your entire business
How Kounta works for your business

Kounta is an online point of sale software that works like your business operating system. This easy to use cloud-based software allows you to manage your inventory from anywhere and at any time.

It seamlessly integrates with software you’d already be using in your business such as Xero, Deputy and PayPal. Your accounting will be consistent, you’ll streamline your internal communication and you’ll create customer loyalty by getting to know their buying habits.

The businesses Kounta works perfectly for

Kounta caters for hospitality and retail businesses who are harnessing the power of running their business in the cloud.

Kounta is always on and available 24/7 no matter where you are. Businesses big and small are loving this tool for managing their business.

And if your internet drops out you can keep selling as Kounta will continue to run and sync to the cloud as soon as you’re back online.

The best bits of Kounta

Works on any device

iPads or Androids, Macs or PCs, Kounta works on anything – even on your existing point of sale equipment.


Add-on Integration

Kounta easily connects with online and mobile services – PayPal, Xero, Beat the Q and Deputy.


Supports unlimited sites

If you have multiple locations or stores, you can centralise and have unlimited number of stores with Kounta – ideal for franchises.


Centralised reporting management

You can completely tailor reports to suit your business needs – filter what you want and create detailed reports with data you want to see.


Easy product creation and maintenance

Create and arrange the items you sell – assign images, colours, codes, barcodes, printer situations, and link them into categories and sales screens.


Stock (inventory) control

Keep a close eye on your stock at all times, ensuring you have the right amount of stock in the right place at the right time.


Only use what you need

Kounta is a complete package, giving you all the features you’d expect in point of sale software, with add-ons to suit your needs.

Mobile point of sale, ordering & payments

Advertise your store, take pre-orders and payments, accept traditional and mobile payment methods and best of all – get to know your customers.

MagnifyUp are your Kounta IT Integration Specialist

The MagnifyUp team are proud to be your local certified Kounta IT Integration Specialist. We’ve been thoroughly trained in the ins and out of Kounta, so we have the skills, experience and training to help you implement this fantastic tool into your business.

Sure, you could do it alone, but we’re here to show you all the quick tips and tricks on how to customise Kounta to work for your business.

We’ll help you:
  • Purchase the equipment and printers and set up the hardware
  • Set up your internal network at your premises
  • Set-up Kounta and integrate it with other add-ons including Deputy and Xero

As qualified BAS agents and bookkeepers, we’ll show you how to use Kounta to level up your business and boost your profits.