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Personalised 1:1 Xero Training

If you’re looking at making the most out of Xero and prefer learning on a 1:1 basis, you’ll love my personalised Xero training. Over 1 hour, I’ll show you how to make the most out of this simple, super-effective online accounting software.

This Xero training is perfect for you if you’ve:
  • Just starting out in business and want to find out if Xero will suit your business
  • Switched to Xero and want to learn how to use it without spending a fortune (or loosing thousands by not doing it properly)
  • Been muddling through on your own but need to get some questions answered

It’s fully personalised Xero training, tailored to your business

By screen sharing, you’ll learn how to:

  • Switch to Xero from other accounting systems
  • Fine tune your Xero account to suit your own business
  • Manage your contacts, sales and accounts payable
  • Reconcile your bank accounts
  • Have all your niggling questions answered

With over 20 years’ experience as a bookkeeper, I am a Xero Certified Silver Partner, a Certified Xero Payroll Specialist, and a Registered BAS Agent, I’ve helped hundreds of small businesses with their Xero accounts.

Book your personalised 1:1 Xero Training at any time.